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If any of this sounds painfully familiar, you are not alone. Most high achievers face a version of the same struggle. 

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You were meant for more

Research shows happy people are healthier, wealthier, more creative, and resilient. In short - happiness precedes true success. 

High Performance Happiness

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What if your level of success now is only 10% of your full potential, and tapping into the other 90% had everything to do with high-performance happiness? 

Does any of this sound like your life bg-2.jpg

Does any of this sound like your life?

You have achieved tremendous professional success and have much to be proud of


In spite of your achievements, a sense of despair has become a constant companion


You enjoy the admiration of many and yet you often feel alone on your journey


Your love life has become stagnant, worn down by heartache and disappointment


Colleagues, who were once engaged partners on a mission are no longer close friends


You have more influence and yet less freedom with few moments of real peace


You feel disconnected from your children and it’s a source of sadness


The tension can become unbearable and you have considered just walking away


Once a spiritual person, your faith is but a shadow of it, drowned out by the noise of life


Your mind seems to often slip into dwelling on regrets, guilt or shame


A sense of deep disappointment is also spilling over onto your professional life


You have become less resilient and creative, and can sense a ceiling to your abilities


A sense of meaninglessness is casting a shadow on the way you see the world around you


You have a deep knowing that you were meant for more. This knowing is why you are here


From refugee and exile to pop-star, evangelist, entrepreneur, investor and philanthropist.

I was a child refugee at age five. As an exile with my family, I experienced fear, despair, and poverty. I lived on three continents and learned four languages by age nine. After getting a Master’s degree in Economics and not loving it, I decided to give a music career a try. Remarkably, I became a successful pop star, entertaining millions by the age of twenty-three. 


As it often goes with high achievers, I was high on success and rock bottom on happiness. Desperate to find answers, I met mentors who coached me in the art of life to the full. As a new Christian, I soaked in biblical wisdom and discovered it was echoed by the best minds in social and brain science, psychology, sociology, and economics. I learned that success doesn’t have to come at the cost of freedom, happiness, love, and family. In fact, any true long-term success can only be achieved through growth in these core human dimensions of our being. In other words, if your inner game is on, your outer game will follow. I call it the Xponential Life. 

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Twenty five years later, I am happy husband,  father, evangelist, investor, philanthropist and entrepreneur.

I have exponentially more impact in more places professionally than at the top of an already successful career. I have helped the poor and underprivileged all over the world. I enjoy deep friendships with some extraordinary people, a profoundly happy marriage with my wife Deb, and a joyful relationship with my three daughters. I am also immeasurably more resilient to the inevitable disappointments and suffering of life. 

One of the greatest joys of my life is being able to help high-achievers, who suffer from the same struggles I did and see them not only flourish, find joy, love, and freedom but do better than they ever imagined in their careers. Founders of billion-dollar companies, financiers, athletes, artists, and politicians have made the leap into living exponentially. Xponential Life has worked for me, it worked for them and it can work for you. The question is, are you ready to go Xponential? 


The Xponential Life Program

Apply to be part of the program if

You have achieved tremendous success but the pressures of the journey bring you to despair

You may be at a low point right now, but it is also a sign you may be ready for transformation 

Most programs offer information but you are resolutely looking for transformation

You are not satisfied for band-aid solutions and are willing to be all-in

You can make room in your schedule for an average of 45-60 minutes a day for 8 weeks

The practices you will learn are simple and life changing, designed to become second nature

You ready to do deep inner work? Remember, when your inner game is on, your outer game will follow

Raw vulnerability, courage, out-of-the-box thinking and discipline are crucial to Going Xponential

Don’t apply to be part of the program if

You are not serious about making a dent in the universe with your work

We believe you were put on this earth with an assignment to serve humanity that is specific to you. No one else can be what you can be for the rest of us, therefore you need to feel a responsibility and passion to live and serve to the full.

You are not ready to do the work required for transformation

We believe that if your inner game is off, your outer game will inevitably follow. Rewiring your inner game is only possible if you are all-in, as we will be all-in for you. 

You are looking for an easy fix for the things that make you feel miserable

Xponential works. It’s simple, it’s powerful, it can change your life, but easy fixes do not exist. If it was easy, most people would be living it, and we all know they are not. 

You are not open to nurturing the spiritual dimension in your life

We use the best of science and biblical wisdom at Xponential. You don’t have to be a Christian to benefit from the program, but have to be open to the power of biblical wisdom that has fueled many of the greatest leaders on earth.

You have settled for a mediocre quality of life and don’t believe in transformation for yourself

We have helped founders of $1B companies, financiers, olympic athletes and entertainers to reach and sustain the Xponential Life. Many didn’t feel change was possible but decided not to settle. Transformation is a choice.

You have not healed from the past and are not ready to work on your future

The main difference between therapy and coaching is precisely this. Sometimes the past has too much of a hold on us, and we should deal with that before working on the future.

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Navigating life decisions with extreme clarity of purpose


Overcoming stress and anxiety quickly and reliably


Integrating a vibrant spiritual life that creates consistent joy


Regaining the freedom to live with a full sense of authenticity


Becoming the author of your destiny, not a slave to societal expectations


Delighting in frequent moments of deep connection with loved ones


Creating a vision for life that goes broader and further into the future


Rediscovering a long lasting love life that does not fade


Doing more good for more people in more places


Thoroughly enjoying and connecting with both your work and your co-workers


Overflowing with renewed creativity and power into more impact and success


Xponential Life

Everyone has blind spots. Are you ready to fix yours?

Recalibrating life for sustained and exponential success


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Are you  burned out, anxious or


You have 

achieved much!

You have

also lost much!

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Christian graciously led me through a challenging time. I was able to establish my first fitness business and overcome my emotional and financial problems. I was able to address my alcohol and drug addictions, using his teachings as a foundation for sobriety while integrating into a spiritual community. I accepted my full potential as a fitness professional and am thriving both professionally and spiritually. I’m forever grateful. 


Fitness Coach

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I have risen to the top of the business world and experienced the misery of divorce, loneliness, and loss. The practices and lifestyle Christian helped me master have given me a happy marriage, deep friendships, and an extraordinarily meaningful life. I am building the most ambitious and transformative startup of my life.”


30 year Tech Leader, Founder/Builder of a $1B company

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My work turned into my whole life. I was chasing the billions-of-dollars-dragon-path. I abandoned both my family and myself. My marriage was in a complex situation, I barely saw my kids, and I gained 44 pounds. Christian´s teachings helped me to wake up to true love and return my life to a path of happiness and fulfillment.


Latin American Tech Founder, MBA professor

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Christian is the real deal. From helping me build the foundation of my marriage to providing the spiritual guidance needed to launch two successful startups, I couldn’t have done any of it without his grounded yet elevated insights. I am grateful to have him as a mentor and guide.”


Сo-founder of a major food company and diamond company

 3 steps to 10x your Performance

and Growth

If you are a high achiever. CEO, Entrepreneur, Athlete, Non Profit Leader or Creative - the most dangerous thing you can do is tolerate burnout and unhappiness. 

Go Xponential in  8 Weeks

Happiness is no more a feeling than a song about love is the experience of true love. It is far from ethereal and is essential for human flourishing. Happiness precedes true success.

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We help others but often cannot help ourselves. My success was incomplete as my loved ones felt neglected. Christian taught me to successfully work without destroying my life. To set the right priorities, to treasure the most important and to enjoy life. He is not only a mentor, he is also a dear friend.


Ukrainian Senior Pastor and Painter

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Living a life of legacy and significance is more rewarding than living for selfish desires and ambition. Christian mentored me during a huge transition in my life. And for that I’m truly grateful. I’m realizing my dreams and kingdom aspirations in work, life, family.


Founder of a large multi family office in Texas

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What is the cost of doing nothing?

Missed opportunities?

Are you ready to go Xponential?

Unmotivated employees?

Unhappy marriage?

A stagnant life?

Lost revenue?

Think about this
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