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High Performance Coaching for Purpose Driven Professionals

Feeling stuck at a plateau?

Gearing up for a new victory?

Coachable and ready to grow?

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Do not conform to the pattern of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind

Romans 12:2


We help clients make four key shifts


Transform stress into daily joy and creativity


Remove behaviors and obstacles to growth


Find clarity, set direction, and move forward faster


Monitor and enhance 
seven key areas of life


Stories of Xponential Growth

John led the UT Taekwondo team to their 5th National Championship Title

Gabe overcame burnout and found a dream job

Leo found blindspots and “reprogrammed” his life

John felt hopeless and changed the trajectory of his life

Brandon went from professional success to holistic success

Christian Ray Flores

Founder, Xponential Life Coaching

Christian Ray Flores is an entrepreneur, evangelist, international recording artist, and philanthropist. From a childhood as a refugee, he has forged an extraordinary path as a successful artist, entrepreneur, speaker, and leader. Christian founded Xponential as a coaching program and community for world changers to thrive for life.

Is this you?

You are eager to overcome plateaus in life and work

You seek a deep sense of clarity and confidence

You have a vision for the future and need to develop the mindset to build it

You are pursuing impact, not just income

You need world-class support for your world-changing endeavor

You are not ready to settle for less than a life of impact, fulfillment, and joy

You are ready for holistic growth

You want to take a quantum leap in your career and life


Group coaching

Small Cohorts for Group Engagement


Launch your journey with Xponential, building essential skills, practices, and habits for exponential growth


Personal Coaching

One-On-One Guidance


Elevate your journey with sustained support, advanced mastery, deep connections, and exclusive events


The Xponential Tribe


Experience our pinnacle offering with bespoke coaching, dedicated support, and access to an elite trust network

Join the Xponential Tribe

“Show me your Tribe and I'll show you your future”

Christian Ray Flores


30 year Tech Leader, Founder/Builder of a $1B company

"The practices and lifestyle Christian helped me master have given me a boost in my career – I am building the most ambitious and transformative startup of my life. As part of designing life for long-term holistic success, I'm enjoying a happy marriage, deep friendships, and an extraordinarily meaningful life."


Founder of a large multi family office in Texas

"I'm Living a life of legacy and significance that is more rewarding than living for selfish desires and ambition. Christian mentored me during a huge transition in my life. And for that, I’m truly grateful. I realize my dreams and kingdom aspirations in work, life, and family."


Senior Engineer

"It was so simple; with instruction and guidance, I went from being at a crossroads to being very sure where I was going, getting 6 dream job offers, and accepting the exact compensation package I envisioned through the program. It was life-changing."


Ukrainian Pastor, head of Ukraine Relief Network

"My success was incomplete as my loved ones felt neglected. Christian taught me to work and thrive in my personal life successfully. That foundation helped me help thousands of refugees and war children in Ukraine."


Tech founder and Philanthropist

"Xponential Life has been such an outstanding experience. Learn to discover your purpose, find balance, and elevate every part of your life."


COO of a Non-Profit Think Tank

“Xponential was life-changing the very first discussion. It's comprehensive and allows me to grow in one or two areas without neglecting others. Multi-layered – between the video modules, weekly group calls, and 1 on 1s. Techniques are easy and create both instant and long term benefits.”

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Learn Your Personalized Xponential Score

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