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Transformative Church Communication

You are determined to

You are also struggling to

Be culturally relevant
Reach the youth
Communicate with impact
Motivate church members
Resonate with non members
Know where to start
Create an attractive brand
Communicate irresistibly
Sustain a system that works
Enroll the church leadership 
Train an effective media team
Master social media
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Rediscover, reimagine, revolutionize your communication

A coaching program by Christian Ray Flores

Who is this coaching program for?

Church Planters
Leadership Teams
Digital Media Teams
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Third Drive  transformed our frumpy legacy web pages into a beautiful, easy to maintain, world class website. Our new website is attractive, social media compatible and communicates more than just information."

Tom Caswell

Lead Evangelist Worcester County Church

The cost of doing nothing?

Less clarity on vision and mission
Less impact in the community
Under-engaged membership
Under-communicated community culture
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With Christian, you get much more than just quality media. You get decades of church building expertise.”

Todd Asaad

lead evangelist DFW Church

Stop being invisible, start being irresistible

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Maritime Christian College partnered with Third Drive to do a complete re-design of our digital platform, including branding, video and web. Third Drive became our creative guides and strategic advisors in how we tell our story to the world.”

Richard Jones

COO Maritime Christian College

3 Steps

 Strategic Communication  in  Scripture


The Transformational Communication Framework


Building your Digital Home


You will learn

How the early church used foundational communications principles


How to use the Transformational Communication Framework


How to develop your brand and your message


How to build an engaging website


How to script, shoot and edit fantastic video content


How to organize and work with your team


How to develop and use advertising


How to create a powerful Sunday Service experience


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After a few years of frustration trying to create a new website on our own, we decided to ask Third Drive for help. And they came through brilliantly. After just one month, we now have a fresh, attractive site that we’re proud to share with others. My only regret is that we didn’t contract them earlier.”

John Lusk

Senior Pastor Des Moines Christian Church

Christian Ray Flores is an evangelist and founder of Tribe in Austin, TX and has led churches in Eastern Europe and the US.

He is also an entrepreneur, media producer, and co-founder of Third Drive, a venture development and marketing company. Third Drive Faith has created award-winning branding, video, print,  and web marketing for churches all over the world.

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Learn more about Third Drive Faith

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Working with Third Drive has been an awesome experience. Our rebranding process has invigorated our faith and inspired our congregation. Valley Christian went from not having a digital presence to having one we are proud to show to the world.”

Delano Steward

Lead Evangelist – Valley Church

Turn common church communication weaknesses into strengths

Outdated Design
Disengaged Youth
Ineffective Social Media
Boring Website
Misaligned Sermon Topics
Bland Videos
Nonexistent Strategy
Directionless Media Team
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Third Drive team helped us to not only develop a vision for our online presence but to make it a reality! From the logo to the website to the welcome video, we could not be happier with their work. We are amazed and how well the feel of the church was captured in the welcome video!”

Johnny Rivera

Lead Minister – Central Jersey Church

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Optimized for busy teams the program combines pre-recorded weekly modules, weekly zoom group coaching and Q&A, additional ongoing coaching via Voxer.

A 7 week Coaching Program for Church Teams

About Transformative Church Communication

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